Who am I?

my Mission

This should be your “elevator pitch” short sweet and to the point

Tom Lorish began his water polo coaching
career as an assistant coach at Palo Alto high
school in 1987. From there he went on to
become the head coach at Los Altos high
school before taking over at Santa Clara
University in the late 1980s through the
1994 season. From ’94 – ’97, Tom ran a
federal program for Australian Water Polo
developing the Water Polo Intensive
Training Center (ITC) for the state of
Queensland to identify and train young
athletes (ages 10 through mid-20s) in hopes
of finding elite players to train for the
National age group and open teams. After a
break to catch his breath and get a Masters
degree in Psychology, he began coaching
again. In the last few years, Tom has been
bringing mindful meditation and visualization
to the teams he is coaching with very positive
results – from enhanced performance to
better attention as well as less anxiety. Tom
believes meditation for kids 10 years and up
is very beneficial for all facets of life.


As a top level swimming club we are always looking at ways of improving performance and maximizing participation and enjoyment. We’ve been running a series of workshops for our swimmers, led by Tom Lorish, that focus on way of reducing anxiety and nervousness during competitions. Tom has been imparting skills that will hopefully help them in a range of different situations.

We’ve been very impressed by Tom’s thoughtfulness as he approaches the sessions and by the care he has taken in planning how they are delivered. They are offered across a range of ages and we’ve found that swimmers have really engaged with the breathing and visualization exercises. The hour long sessions provide some scope for discussions and many youngsters have remarked on how helpful these have been.

-Ty, Head Coach 


2nd Testamonial

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to express my appreciation for the invaluable contributions made by Tom Lorish to our Water Polo Team. Throughout the season, Tom was a key figure in helping our team reach new heights, both on and off the field. His regular meditation sessions, held often before practices or a match, were instrumental in improving the focus, attitude, and mental preparation of our players.

Tom’s expertise and dedication to our team were evident in the results we achieved. His ability to clearly explain the fundamental skill set of meditation training empowered our players to control their attention and attitude, leading to a noticeable change in behavior. The players were more focused throughout practices and matches and were able to respond better to mistakes by quickly moving onto the next play.

I am deeply grateful for Tom’s work with our team. His guidance and support were critical to our dramatic improvement throughout the season and imperative in shaping our culture with the Righetti Boys Water Polo Team. We will always be thankful for the impact Tom has had on our team and would highly recommend his services to any organization looking to improve in similar ways.


Nestor Nunez

Ernest Righetti High School

Head Coach Boys Water Polo